10 largest nonprofit organizations in the world

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10. Mayo Clinic / Foundation

Mayo Clinic is the largest US nonprofit organization focused on medical research. In over 100 years of operation, Mayo’s mission is to provide patients with the best care based on research, training and clinical practice. All of the proceeds of the fund are used to upgrade services, train physicians and provide treatment support to patients.

9. Feeding America

Feeding America was formerly known as the Second-Harvest (American Harvest). It is also because it focuses primarily on hunger eradication, through a series of member banks. Its mission is respect, management and responsibility, cooperation, promptness, service, integrity and diversity.

8. Catholic Charities USA

This Catholic organization is one of the largest charitable organizations in the United States to support those in need, to exercise justice and to call on the whole Church and donors to participate in charity. . In 2008, Catholic Charities USA helped over 8 million people.

7. Red Cross

This organization is always in line with the mission of serving the people through their disaster relief activities around the world. In order to reduce the pain and suffering of the unlucky ones, Red Cross calls for the support of volunteers, sponsors and partners on a wide network. It is one of the most well-known names and also receives the deepest gratitude of many people across the globe.


With over 160 years of operation, the YMCA is one of the most notorious nonprofit organizations in the world. The way it works is to increase and provide opportunities for learning, development through education and training programs.

5. AmeriCares

AmeriCares provides humanitarian and medical aid throughout the world, and you will find its name present in numerous relief activities for natural disasters, floods or earthquakes. It also focuses on emergency response and health care. In addition, AmeriCares is very active in supporting the epidemic outbreaks in people’s daily lives.

4. Gifts in Kind

Gifts in Kind is the most unique charity in the world. In particular, it does not offer money directly to the person in need of assistance, but instead contacts partners to give gifts to people. In fact, the debate between money or goods is inherently harsh in philanthropic activities, but in the end, Gifts in Kind is working to build a better world.

Feed the Children

With the “no children or families must go to bed when they are hungry,” Feed the Children strives to address basic human needs: food and nutrition, water and sanitation, education education and health. In general, this organization tries to show each individual how to care for themselves and their families. In addition, Feed the Children is also enthusiastic about emergency relief.


2. Salvation Army

In fact, the Salvation Army is an organization of the Catholic Church, whose mission is to spread the doctrine and help those in need of food and clothing.

1. United Way


United Way is one of the largest not-for-profit organizations in the world. Its goal is to provide people with tools, education, and health to unlock their own potential. It also encourages people to participate in cross-care activities with a high level of focus on families and individuals.

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